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Fan heater fan with 70°oscillation function, digital ceramic fan heater with remote control, timing function protection against overheating & tipping over 2 Fast heating for office, house

 Stylish and versatile design: The heater is sophisticated and stylish. With an electronic remote control, touchscreen and one-button switch on the back, it's more comfortable, intimate and convenient to use. The temperature is displayed in real time, which is more intuitive and clear.


Comfort temperature setting and timer: Regulate the heat between 10°C and 30°C as required. The installed ceramic heats quickly, safely and energy-efficiently. You can use the switch-off timer to control the heating time with up to 9 hours of running time. In standby mode, you can specify when the heater should boot.


Highly sensitive touch screen:The sensitivity of the touch screen is very high and the touch area of the key reacts precisely and quickly. When the touchscreen switch is pressed, we hear the feedback of the key tone, which can make it easier to use.


2 modes & 3 levels:The fan heater can be used both as a fan and as a heater. There is natural wind mode and heat mode. 3 levels: natural wind, low heat and high heat. You can very easily choose the mode and wind speed freely, cool and warm for your choice, suitable for all seasons.

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