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Guangdong Hongwei Technology Group


Guangdong Hongwei Technology Group specializing in OEM/ODM Pet Water Dispenser,Automatic soap dispenser,Fan heater,Smart bluetooth headset,Portable EV chargers ect Household Appliances/Consumer Electronics/New energy series product,AloT series product development,innovative product development and manufacturing.We provide one-stop service from the prototype, injection mould, die casting mould, plastic parts, die casting parts,OEM /ODM PCBA to the household appliance,consumer electrical finished products and New energy series product.We serve our customers all over the world more than 20 years.We have the very good reputation in the  the household and consumer electrical product field.Our customers mainly in USA, Canada,Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, UK, France, Japan, such as Samsung,Amazon,Huawei,Philips,Dyson,Midea etc.We have a group of senior and professional technical personnel in manufacturing.

We own the most advanced manufacturing equipment with more than 3,500 employees, covering 60,000 square meters of factories in Vietnam and China.






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