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Baby Thermometer Forehead - Medical Thermometer for Kids - Infant and Toddler Thermometer for Fever - No Touch Thermometer Measures at 2-6 Inch Distance

 TRULY NON CONTACT: MEASURE AT 2-6 INCHES DISTANCE - This baby temperature thermometer has been designed to give you real non-contact readings. Even at a distance of 2-6 inches, you can be sure of a reliable measurement.

ACCURACY WITHOUT COMPROMISE - Temporal thermometers are inaccurate? Not so much for this medical thermometer for toddlers and kids! It will give you consistent and reliable results, over and over again.

MEASURE IN COMPLETE SILENCE - This baby thermometer forehead can be switched to mute, so you wont wake up your little one if you take a measurement when hes asleep.

KNOW HOW SERIOUS THE FEVER IS - The display of this digital thermometer lights up in green, orange or red, depending on the measured temperature. Showing you how serious the fever is - even in the dark!

NOT JUST FOR YOUR BODY TEMP - This thermometer has been specially calibrated to measure not only the temperature of a forehead but also of an object or a room. No more wondering whether your babys bottle or bath is too hot or too cold!

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