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Caulk Warming System


The System is a durable Contractors tool designed to keep caulk warm and ready for use in cold weather. This tool is not just for extreme cold weather!  As soon as it becomes difficult to apply caulk, Break out it!

The Caulk Warming system will allow you save time, money, and also help you get through the winter with less aggravation.  Let’s face it, working in the cold can be challenging at times!

Simply set the unit up in a dry place, plug the unit in, and switch it on. The Caulk Warming System has a pre-set temperature control switch built in.  This will help keep the caulk pliable in all types of weather.

*In moderate weather the unit will run just long enough to reach the set temperature and then itself turn off.

*When temperature inside container drops below programmed temperature, the unit will turn back on.

*When it becomes extremely cold outside the unit will simply stay on longer to reach it’s pre-set temperature and will turn itself off and on to maintain interior temperature, and maintain Caulk pliability.

 The Gonzo Caulk Warming System is designed to handle the flu ctuations in outside temperature, so you don’t have to.

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