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 product description:

Healthier juice machinea slow masticating juicer, rotates at the speed of 60 rpm, slower than most of the juicer on the market, produces less heat, reduces oxidation, preferably preserves the nutritional value of fruit and vegetables and allows fresh juice to be stored for a longer time.

Better quality juice machines- using 6 screw blades to cut food into large granules quickly, more juice is squeezed with the other 6 ribs. higher yield and fewer residue . When the motor is working, it produces torque. The auger is bigger than the horizontal propeller so that the vertical juicer can produce a large amount of juice and process ingredients faster. juice output is very smooth but little residue.

More function- including 2 differential strainers to squeeze juice for almost anything. Fineness Filter applies to hard fruits, such as spinach, kale, wheat grass, beet, cardamom, carrots, oranges, green vegetables. Coarse filter is appropriate for soft fruits such as strawberries, kiwi, tomatoes or other sticky vegetables and fruits.

Easier disassembling and cleaning- Unique detachable spiral drill design, easy to disassemble and clean,only for 2 minutes!

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