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Security Camera, Keep An Eye On What Matters to You, From Anywhere, For Indoor Use, Works with Alexa

 product description:

Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately).

DON'T MISS A THING WITH ALERTS: Whether the kids just came home from school or the dog has decided to eat those new pillows you just bought; the Cam sees it all! Get alerts through your App whenever the camera detects movement and activity. And the coolest part is that the Cam can tell the difference between movement from say a hand getting into a cookie jar, and a person entering a room. Person Alerts and Activity Alerts can help keep your home safe even if you aren't there.

BE HEARD : Cam Indoor has a built-in speaker and mic, so you can hear whats happening at home. Or tell the dog to get off the couch.

SET IT UP ANYWHERE: The compact size of the Cam makes installation a breeze.  Cam Indoors stand works in all kinds of homes, on all types of surfaces. Set it down on something flat, like a table or shelf. The Cam has a built­-in magnet so you can stick it to something metallic. Use the removable wall plate to attach Cam to a wall. Or you can unscrew the camera from the base and attach it to any standard tripod mount.

WORKS WITH THE MACHINE: has worked hard to design thoughtful devices to help keep you safe and secure. devices not only communicate with each other but also with the other smart devices around your home. Your  Secure can use your smart light bulbs to help get your attention in the event of an emergency; your smart washer and dryer can take the data from the machine  and run the next load of laundry when energy demand is low.


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