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plastic parts

 plastic injection molded parts


1) We specialize in producing different kinds of plastic parts from concept to product design to rapid prototypes to mould to production for all industries.


2)We can work in a variety of CAD formats: Pro/E, SolidWorks, Cimatron, AutoCAD, and  

   Catia etc.


3)Equipments include CNC, EDM, grinding machine, milling machine,injection machine( from 80 ton to 500ton),We can supply high precision and complex injection moulds and products.


4)Materials include ABS, PC+ABS,Acrylic, PVC, TPE, PBT, PC, PE, PP, PPS+GF,Nylon (PA6), PS and all other engineering plastics with and without additives.


5)We offer unique solutions to your products with good quality,reasonable price,good  



6)We sincerely welcome OEM/ODM projects without minimum requirement.


7)Packing follows the customer's requirment.


8)Delivery time will be 3-7 weeks according to different products.


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