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 Our culture:

        As a well-known enterprises, Guangdong hongwei technology Co.LTD was founded in 2007.Since building a company, we still adhere our business philosophy: Honesty, profession, friendship and customer first, society and collaboration.

Our company always organize the staff to take part in different education and training. For example: Alibaba training, machine operating and so on.These training aim to improving the skill and professional knowledge for the high quality product to serve customer better.

As a new type of company success. Our enterprise not only focus on the quality of product, one of the most important thing we concerned is we care every staff here. Every year, our company will organize a lot of activities, travelling community, entertainment program. Every staff dormitory equipped water heater, air condition and so on. We

Improving the happiness of staff, at the same time we improving their efficiency. 


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