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No Touch Thermometer - Infrared Thermometer Suitable for Newborn, Infant, and Toddler - Measure at 2-6 Inches Distance - Medical Tympanic Thermometer - Extreme Accuracy Detecting The Slightest Tempe

 THE ONLY MEDICAL THERMOMETER WITH CLINICAL ACCURACY AT A DISTANCE - With its innovative no-touch technology, this infrared thermometer is suitable for sick family members of all ages. Be sure of extremely accurate temperature checking without disturbing your sick loved one.


EQUIPPED WITH THE NEWEST PRECISION-ENGINEERED 2020 TECHNOLOGY - The newest hi-tech allows you to check your sick family members temperature with unmatched accuracy within seconds. iProvens Medical Thermometer makes temperature hassle-free for you and comfortable for your sick loved one.


WITH INTELLIGENT BUILT-IN FEVER ALARM SYSTEM - After temperature checking, the display of the no-touch thermometer lights up in green, yellow, or red. Depending on the temperature. Signaling a healthy, elevated, or high temperature.


MEMORY STORAGES UP TO 50 READINGS - To keep track of your sick family members temperature, the infrared thermometer includes memory storages. Store up to 50 temperatures. Recall them the temps at any time to stay on top of the

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